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My name is Desmond Samuel Skyers. I was born in the United Kingdom on May 26, 1962, to a family of Jamaican immigrants who had migrated to the U.K. My parents moved back to their native homeland of Jamaica when I was about 1-year-old, and lived there until my early 20s when I travelled back to the land of my birth.


Arriving in England, I worked as a janitor for a few months, before enrolling into Brixton Community College. After a brief period, I dropped out of college and migrated to the United States of America.


Once in America, I took up residence in New York City, where I found work at a car repair shop. I work at the shop for a brief time before meeting up with old friends from Jamaica, this opened a new way of life for me.


Not long and I was buying and selling everything I could get my hands on. Quickly I went from a no name to a law enforcement target. In 1993, I was arrested and sent to prison for three life sentence plus 40 years in federal prison.


I appealed my conviction and was resentenced to four concurrent 30-year sentence, during my imprisonment I went to college and I have written six books and countless of speeches and other unpublished material.


This is the first part of my trilogy titled JAMAICAN GANGS OF NEW YORK. I am now free from prison and living in London where I am busy trying to put my life back together. From here, I send you all much peace and blessings.